Traveling: A Different Kind of Love

1. travel: v., make a journey

2. rejuvenate: v., to restore to an original or new condition

(Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte, Philippines; January 2016)

Many people – both young and old – enjoy going to new places. Some people, however, find traveling a. expensive and b. time-consuming.

I, for one, surely belong to the first one. I’ve taken several trips to quite far places (not really thousands of miles away from home, but still far) and I’ve always enjoyed each and every single one.

However, I’ve gotten a variety of feedback when I do travel.

“Wow, you’re such a jet-setter!” 

“You’re always traveling. How’s work doing?”

“I ENVY you.”


Going through the comments on the albums of my adventures, I can’t help but think, ‘What are these people on about? Why are they focusing more on the fact that I am out again, rather than admiring the places I’m going to?’

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I know what the hype is regarding people posting on social media platforms to ‘brag’ about what they have, where they are, and who they’re with. Unfortunately, I believe that I’m not about showing-off what I have, because there’s more (actually) that I DON’T have. Get it?

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive as most people think, except when you’re more into luxury and you have the means.

(Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines; June 2014)

So let me tell you WHY I travel.

  • To SEE the world

You know, traveling really does many things to you as a person. I love reading about different places all over the globe, and I always dream to go to each and every one of them – regardless of a place’s reputation.

There’s something comforting (for me) in knowing that you don’t just get to read what other people are saying about a beautiful place. It’s different when you’ve actually been there, seen it for yourself. When you come back from a new place, you get to have a new feeling for that place you’re returning to. You get to appreciate the things that you’ve unknowingly taken for granted – your house, your bed, your dog; you get it.

And hey, you should see God’s creation in a totally different light. Sure, the smallest things are actually the best ones, but when it comes to His creations, you’d probably want to have the best view from time-to-time. It truly is breathtaking to see those areas that remain untouched by commercialism. All those trees, mountains, islands – you get to fall in love again and again.  

  • To FEEL the world

One other thing I like about exploring is the fact that I get to see the world in a different light. Living in this era, we become SHELTERED. The Internet provides you everything – you can literally go and see the world with just a few clicks here and there. So for those who do not enjoy miles and miles of travel, PROBLEM SOLVED!

The problem with that, though, is that you can view as many photos as you like or watch as many videos as you need to, but you will never really get to have the same experience as when you’ve actually been there. Trust me, the feeling is too surreal to be put into words.

  • To MEET new people

Going somewhere new makes you aware of something that’s waaaay bigger than you and the life you’ve known. You get to see different lifestyles, cultures, and habits from the strangers you meet. You would encounter people who are so different from you, yet because they also go to see the world, you are actually more similar than you think.

From traveling, I’ve learned many different and interesting things from locals, foreigners, and just fellow explorers. When you’re out of your comfort zone, you’re obliged to talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to, and you’ll find that it’s actually fun!

  • To TASTE new food

As much as it seems that I LIVE for food, I don’t. I, however, enjoy eating different viands from different cultures. One thing I’ve learned is that in any place, there will always be a ‘must-have’ and certain delicacies you would not be able to taste elsewhere. You would be surprised as to how many different flavors chicken can have. ‘Spicy’ has so many levels, as well as ‘salty’ and ‘sweet’.

Also, as opposed to eating in restaurants, I get more enjoyment in eating cheap but quality food. Sure, it’s nice to try those expensive meals once in a while, but hey, practicality goes a long way.

  • To HAVE stories to share

I’ve read somewhere that traveling makes people great storytellers and I couldn’t agree more. Being far from home makes you independent and braver, I promise you. When you do get the chance to go somewhere, PAY ATTENTION. Don’t go to places and waste time just taking photos or videos. Sure, that’s important for documentation and keepsake purposes, but again, don’t waste your time with that. Well, unless that’s your only reason for going, then by all means, shoot away!

Regardless of your purpose for traveling, find time to take in your surroundings. Talk to people, try out new things, experience their lifestyles – even for just a few hours or days, be in someone else’s shoes. This way, you get to be a better, more experienced person. When you get back from wherever, share your experiences with people who are interested – not to brag, but just to relive your favorite moments. Who knows, they might be encouraged to do the same!

If and when you do travel:

  • Bring just enough money (a little extra for emergent situations).
  • Always have a contingency plan ready.
  • Be properly equipped (always have a checklist of your needs -no matter the distance you’re traveling to).
  • Be as simple as you can – opt for the less expensive fares and accommodations.
  • Always, always pray for safety and for an overall good experience.

Just remember, traveling is as fun as it could be, but it’s also as challenging and dangerous – like all things, really.

Before you go out there, make sure your body, mind, heart and soul are ready for an awesome adventure!


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