Maybe you thought he was just one of the friendly faces around, so you decided to smile back one time. Maybe you felt that he was sincere when he asked you what the title of the book you were reading was. Maybe you saw how patient he was, waiting for your classes to end just so he can spend more time with you. Maybe you had butterflies in your stomach when you exchanged silly yet sweet text messages with him for a few months. Maybe you wanted him to be yours, just as much as he wanted you to be his. Maybe you were meant to be together that time – but maybe… just maybe…

Baler, Aurora 2015

Maybe you didn’t see that he was just one of those boys who needed to have a girlfriend. Maybe you didn’t hear his lies because you were too busy being the girl who needed to have a boyfriend. Maybe you didn’t mind being one of his best kept secrets as long as he gave you some of his ‘precious’ time. Maybe you didn’t want to believe that he just wanted you at the palm of his hand. Maybe you didn’t listen to your instincts when you saw him looking differently at your best friend. Maybe you didn’t feel that he was done playing with you, that your time with him was up – but maybe… just maybe…

Maybe you just wanted to be loved, appreciated, taken care of. Maybe you didn’t care if you got hurt, fooled or cheated on. Maybe you made yourself believe too much that he was yours. Maybe you just needed to have someone to call ‘yours’ even when you’re the only one hurting. Maybe you didn’t want to be alone, left out, lonely. Maybe you knew all along that he was not gonna stay. Maybe you didn’t care as long as you get to have him even for just a short time. Was he ever really yours? Maybe… just maybe.




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